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L&R Aqua torch on the blink

Well, after more than 35 years of service, my Aqua torch is having problems. It is not generating gas. The “gas generating” light is not coming on and it’s not just the light bulb. It’s really is not making gas. Anyone know what to do?
The lines are clear and it has water and MEK. Any ideas?

Update on my torch. It is generating gas, just very little of it.

I have never seen these aqua torches.

But if I understand it correct it is based on electrolysis of water.

Then you have two possible main culprits.
The power supply to the electrodes may have failed or the electrodes themself.

Since it is producing a little gas I would start by checking the electrodes.

Anyhow it needs to be opened for troubleshooting.

Measure the voltage from the powersupply and check the electrodes for proper contact.
Then check the voltage over the electrodes.

This is what I would do, but there may be professionals that know better :slight_smile:


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