Kurt Matzdorf, Silversmith and Artist, Passes Away

Hi All,

I have the sad news to report that Kurt Matzdorf passed away
December 20th, 2008.

He was incredibly important in my life. I knew him when I was still
a child, and he critiqued my application for Art College. When I was
in graduate school he helped direct the organization of fold-forming.
He was a friend and good man, influential in hundreds of silversmiths
and jewelers lives.

John Cogswell writes “Kurt Matzdorf, silversmith, teacher, mentor,
good friend”.

There is a memorial service on January 24th.

Saturday, January 24 @ 5:00 PM.
Temple Emanuel
243 Albany Avenue
Kingston, NY 12401

If you wish to attend please let them know:

Kurt Matzdorf, Silversmith and Artist, Passes Away I had the
pleasure of speaking with Mr. Matzdorf over the last several years,
when I had the opportunity to do some hand engraving work for him. 

The pieces he sent for engraving were just beautiful. I love to
engrave on hand made pieces, there is something of the maker that is
left in the metal. The engraving that I do to commemorate the
occasion of the gift “seals” the sentiments, and closes the making
of the piece. We had this discussion only 10 days before his passing,
upon the receipt of the last cup he had me engrave for his grand
daughter’s bat mitzvah.

I won’t get a chance to meet him face to face now, but I will
remember his kind and generous spirit. My heartfelt condolences for
his family, and friends.

Melissa Veres, engraver

Kurt Matzdorf was a very “old school” sort of craftsman and a real
gentleman. I met him several times early in my career. He spent
several days with us at the SIU Carbondale mokume symposium in 1981.
He was very generous with his knowledge and very confident in his
values in a way that that you do not see so much anymore. It was a
pleasure to know him.

I had the opportunity to meet Kurt while in London in 1999. I was
standing at an exhibit of Egyptian jewelry at the British Museum and
he walked up to me and asked me why I was looking so intently at the
pieces. I told him and then he asked my name and I asked him for his.
Well, when he told me his name I was like a kid in front of a movie
star. Totally in wonder and almost forgot to talk. We had a wonderful
discussion for about 15 min and I will cherish it always.

jennifer friedman