Kunststoff-Fasern for Paladon original Kulzer

A big Hello to all the orchid friends. Going through all the
equipement my father has left me, I have come upon this product,
I cannot ask him , he passed away this November 1998. He was a
Dental-Technician and a Denturologist in his years. The product I
am curious about is a red in color , very fine fiber, that comes
in little plastic bags. If you pick some up you have some all
over your counter. All I can tell you is I think this is a German
product , her is what is written on the little bags:

Kunststoff-Fasern for Paladon original Kulzer 
ausreichend fur 2400g Pulver Gut durchmischenl 
Kulzer & Co. Gmbh. Bad Homburg v. d. Hohe 

If any of you know what this reads please help me. Also if you
could tell me what is the use of this product.

Thanking you all in advance, from the world’s biggest Winter
Carnval in Quebec City on right now.

 Caroline Charest 
 email: caro@total.net

Hi Caroline, I suspect from your description of the product and
the fact that your Father was a “Denturist” that the red fibers
are the red fibers that are sometimes mixed into the acrylic
that forms the pink or gum portion of a denture. These fibers
come in different shades to aid in matching the pink color to
the complexion of the patient. To some degree they also
strengthen the final product.

The other possibility is that some dental acrylics used for
denture manufacture come in single use pouches. These are
packaged in various colors and are a heat cured acrylic. They
need to be mixed with the appropriate liquid, packed tightly in
a denture flask, compressed in a press and immersed into boiling
water for a specified time. Many denture ‘guys’ leave them over

I hope this helps. If not you can email me for more info.

Your Orchid Dental Tech,


Skip Meister
N.R.A. Endowment &
Certified Instructor
in all disciplines
Certified Illinois D.N.R.
Hunter Ed, Instructor