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Howdy: I am looking for someone who makes kumihimo braids. I want
to incorporate these braids into some of my jewelry designs.

I just don’t want to have to buy a loom and do it all myself!
(not enough time for everything!!)

Please feel free to pass along some names to me.




Hi DeDe,

I make Kumihimo braids. What lengths, designs, and color
combinations would you like? Also, what type of material? I use
both silk and embroidery floss. Naturally, the embroidery floss
is less expensive and the color range is very wide.
Looking forward to hearing from you. Razine


Dear DeDe, I do Kumihimo braiding for some of our jewelry
pieces. I taught myself and it really is not too difficult,
though it is time consuming. I do some color coordinated pieces
and I have even braided some fine silver wire. How can I help?
You may contact me directly if you like at @Liz_Doc_McKay. Liz


Razine: Thanks for getting back to me. I have been researching
kumihimo and now I am interested in experimenting on my own.
However, once I nail down a couple of designs I am going to need
someone like yourself to make the braids for me when I get in
orders for my jewelry. I would like to keep in touch with you.
Off the top of my head real quick, is the silk pretty durable
once it is braided? Does it snag or tear easily?

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.



DeDe, Silk is more fragile than embroidery floss. Since the
piece would be worn around the neck, it is subject oils from the
body. It is very beautiful though and has it’s special luster.
Naturally, it is more expensive than embroidery floss. What
books are you using to research these braids? Have you seen any
of them worked up? Will you be using precious
metals to incorporate into your pieces? Please advise. Ray


I’m glad to see that someone else uses embroidery floss for
kumihimo. I’m currently living in “central Bugtussle”, where most
craft supplies must be mail ordered. Embroidery floss is my only
locally available choice.

How do you incorporate this into jewelry ?  I dabble with

Kumihimo as I do with lots of techiniques. I would like to
produce cords that will coordinate colors (or pattern) with
feature beads/stones. So far, my best use of the marudai has
been for demonstration. I took my maridai to the second day of a
long, slow crafts show and it really helped. Braiding gave me
something to concentrate on and was a great conversation starter.
If I ever make pieces for sale, the demo will help enormously.
Lastly, I got a LONG length of braid done. My kids never let me
concentrate that much…



Hello: I am still in the designing stage- but I was going to use
the Kumihimo cord for some of my silver pieces. I just got a
scanner and a digital camera so I plan on posting some things on
Orchid soon.



Hi Allyson, Where is “central Bugtussle?” What would you like to
know about incorporating your work with stone? Are you able to
create bezels? What other kinds of craft work do you do? I am
the founder of the Society for Midwest Metalsmiths in St. Louis.
Most of our members work in precious metal such as silver and
gold, but I do use Kumihimo braids for some of my jewelry pieces.

Ray W.