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Kristin Diener - Jewelry Gallery


Kristin Diener, from Midwestern & New York-moved-Deep-South roots and now a resident in the Southwest, walked into her first jewelry class at a small Mennonite college in 1980. That casual but auspicious beginning propelled her into an impressive career as an artist and instructor.

After receiving her MFA in jewelry making and metalsmithing from Bowling Green State University, Kristin has gone on to create bold and distinctly original artwork. Her award winning metalwork has been featured in various publications and

exhibited nationally and internationally. Kristin's work utilizes a variety of new and traditional silversmithing techniques which she has been teaching for over 20 years.

2005 2.75" x 1.75" x .75" (Pin) sterling silver, fine silver, copper, eyeglass frame and lens, toy rabbit, mica, paper, rabbit fur

Private Collection

“In a small town outside of Milwaukee, a thrift store was selling someone’s rabbit collection. This was one of the rabbits. I found the rabbit both serious and whimsical, and wanted a piece both elegant and funny to honor it.”




7.5" x 4.5" x 1" (Necklace without chain)
sterling silver, fine silver, brass, gunshells, rhinestone, pearls, glass beads, buttons, bottle cap, mother of pearl, found object, textile fragment, candy wrapper, mica

Private Collection


Historic Reality Tiara


16.5" x 8.5" x 8"
sterling silver, fine silver, gold, brass gunshells, 1979 road atlas, glass watch crystals, glass cabochons, bottle caps, guinea hen feathers, doll eyes, wisdom teeth, Great Grandma Schertz’s squash seeds, fingernail clippings, Georgia dirt, bone toothpick, shell, found objects

Private Collection

“Historic Reality Tiara holds so much information for me. My love of history, objects, fabrication, adornment, ritual, humor, travel, extremes. One of a series of 4 pieces created in 2001. Originally, the theme of the series was Obsession, but I was becoming rather physically ill when I obsessed over all the technical aspects required to create the pieces. So I renamed the theme Devotion, a “kinder gentler” Obsession. This way I could still labor as long as needed to carry out my intent and idea but not feel sick. In terms of subject matter, each place signified by road atlas under glass watch crystals refers to a location that was an important Native American site before the arrival of Europeans. I am interested in true history of places and people, as far as it is accessible, and have often been curious about how my ancestors thought about setting and tilling of native soil. An important book at the time I created this piece was Stolen Continents.”


Death’s Crossroads: Shrine With 36+ Wearable Pieces


22" x 16" x 4"
sterling silver, fine silver, brass, copper, found objects, gunshells, bone, shells, buttons, tintype, wisdom teeth and gold crown, 1920s glass cabochons, pearls, turquoise, pyrite, opal, agate, resin

Private Collection

“In 2000, I was roadtripping to New Orleans 3-4 times a year from Albuquerque. I wanted to create a piece about decision making. How when a decision is made another is left behind and dies. Although I am rethinking that and am not sure that’s really what happens. But at the time this piece was made, it felt very clear that when you make one decision at a crossroads, another decision or decisions dies. And that really bothered me. Much of the trash used in the shrine is from walks on Central/Route 66 in Albuquerque.”


Sea At Night


4" x 2.25" x .25"
(Necklace 14.5" long with handmade chain)
sterling silver, fine silver, moonstone, pearls, button, 1920s glass cabochon, mica, candy wrapper, 1800s Italian mathematics text

Private Collection


New Orleans & Alabama/Mississippi Gulf Coast Love Story: Loss & Lament: Fertility Reliquary II


20" x 12 " x .75"
(46" long with handmade chain)
sterling silver, fine silver, brass, eyeglass lenses/frames/nose rests, road atlas, antique buttons, beer bottle caps, Route 66 guitar pick, newspaper fragment, photograph, fossil print, pearls garnet, citrine, moonstone, mica, candy wrapper, resin, 1920s glass cabochons, beach pottery, silver bells, assorted stones, toy scissors, plexiglass

Private Collection


Lip Lock


sterling and fine silver, steel slag, key, postcard fragment, mica, candywrapper, handmade lace, lingerie netting, crystal


A Confederacy of Dunces: Fortuna’s Wheel


sterling and fine silver, brass, found objects, grape seed, button, peach moonstone, carnelian, hematite, jasper, citrine, turqoise, pearl


A Confederacy of Dunces: Night of Joy


5" x 3" x .25"
sterling and fine silver, found objects, moonstone, citrine, turquoise, peach moonstone, pearl, resin


Henna Hand


4" x 2 " x .5"
sterling and fine silver, grape seeds, resin, glass prosthetic eye, pearls, citrine, garnet, moonstone, sunstone

Private Collection


Tushy Pin

3.5" x 2 " x .25"
(Pendant with handmade chain)
sterling silver, fine silver, postcard fragment, graphite, thread, rose petal, candy wrapper, pearls


A Confederacy of Dunces: John Kennedy Toole Fictional Portrait


4" x 2" x .25"
sterling and fine silver, photograph, watch crystal, found objects, peach moonstone, peridot, citrine, garnet