Kraftwerks is this weekend!

The final announcement for Kraftwerks, with one interesting quote
from Richard Hughes on the process that will debut at Kraftwerks.
Last minute registration available at 800-999-7528, or 213-675-6178
When Peter Richardson first sat down with us a few weeks ago and
opened his bag of tricks, we were floored. Those of us present had
over 100 combined years in the gem trade and never had we seen
anything to compare. The items polished by Peter’s new process simply
glowed with a luster never seen before. Since that day, I have shown
objects polished by this technique to many others and the reaction is
always the same: jaw-dropping awe. This process is the greatest
finishing discovery since the invention of diamond powder. Richard W.
Hughes, author, Ruby & Sapphire

Daniel Ballard
Director Kraftwerks