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Kraftwerks Invitational 1998

I came across the following announcement in the latest copy of
the SNAG newsletter. I don’t remember seeing any information
posted about the Kraftwerks symposium and thought other orchid
members might be interested.

Steven Brixner - Jewelry Designer - San Diego CA USA

Kraftwerks Invitational 1998 - “The Craft of Manufacturing” is scheduled
for August 15-16, 1998 at the Fine Gold factory in Ontario, California.
Two days of presentations on specific subjects in jewelry manufacture -
production and custom–by presenters Jose Hess - design, Alan Revere -
hands-on mechanics of design, Steve Kretchmer - heat treating precious
metals, Robert Lee Morris - forging techniques, Michael Bondanza -
platinum design and craftsmanship, Bob Lynn - “magical” bench-tricks,
Dominic Annetta - casting, Marc Robinson - environmental correct and
regulator proof shop, Hameed Talei - design and repair of jewelry
equipment, and Robert Lumabao - rolling sheet and drawing fine wire.
Each presentation is two hours, four per day. The last two presenters
will be on hand for consultation on mechanical and milling problems.
This is the first annual Kraftwerks, sponsored by PM West/Fine Gold and
Frei & Borel; co-sponsored by MJSA & AJM.

Although it may be too late to attend this year, send for a brochure and
be on the mailing list for next year. Contact Marc Robinson, Director of
Kraftwerks, 608 South Hill St., #407, Los Angeles, CA 90014,
(800)999-7528, fax (213) 689-1654.