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Kootenay fun

Hello Patricia

Greetings from the cold and slushy Kootenays! Probably not the image
you had in mind:) We’ve had an amazing dump of powder for 2 weeks,
but now its raining. I’m not sure exactly what summer courses will be
offered at Kootenay School of the Arts, but if you check out their
website, the upcoming community courses may give you a good idea, . I’m sorry to hear that the flu bug is making its
rounds in your studio. Just think of a warm Kootenay summer by a
sparkling lake, surrounded by majestic mountains and friendly,
creative people. Sincerely, Jeannette

Hello Kootenays We are one valley over in the Okanagan and are in the
process of opening up a co-op style commercial gallery in Vernon. We
are currently on the search for regional artists who may be
interested in taking part. (Something like the Craft Connection in
Nelson.) If you could let the word out, we can be contacted at
250-542-0499 or email us at Regards, Susan Brandoli