Koil Kutter

Hi Gang,

There seems to be some interest in the my technique for making
jump rings Basically I’ve made a unit that attaches to a Foredom
#30 handpiece (or eqivalent) & a motor tool (Dremel etc). Here’s
a breif description of the Koil Kutter.

The Koil Kutter consists of an arbor on which is mounted a 120
tooth, high speed steel, repaceable blade.

A guide-shield that attaches to a # 30 handpiece (any 1 in dia.
hndpc) or a Dremel. A coil holder that holds coils, up to 3 1/2
(85mm aprox) inches long & 1in (25mm aprox) wide. Set of
instructions & hints. There are 2 models, 1 for flexshafts & 1
for moto-tools.

In addition I make a set of mandrels, 2 -13mm, in 0.5mm steps. A
coil winder, but you can use your variable speed drill.

An adjustable ring stretcher for making oval or oblong rings, of
uniform size, from soldere/fused round rings.

A corian draw plate for chain.

A solder aid to assist squeezing paste solder from tubes.

All of these tools resulted from student requests that arose in
a chainmaking class I teach.

I don’t think it’s polite to do business on Orchid, if you’d
like more info I can be reached at: gemstones_etc@compuserve.com



I also want a Koil Kutter, does anyone have Dave Arens mail
address or phone number, please.

…Leo Doucet…

I would like to get info about the Koil Kutter…both what it comes
with and the cost. I find plenty of sites discussing it but none
have Dave’s email address to contact him. I have a Dremel MulitPro
Model 395. Also, anyone with experience that they are willing to
share would be greatly appreciated.



Dave’s email is gemstonesetc@gainusa.com

I really like my Koil Kutter. One suggestion - if you make any
larger rings (3/8 and up) slip your coil on a dowel to hold it while
you cut within the box.

Also - I recently saw a photo on a site (don’t remember which) with
someone who had a finger across the cutter itself.

Use bur life liberally

Cut from right to left (maybe others go the other way, but because
of the rotation of the blade this seems to work better.

Good luck with it,
Spectrum Jewelry Resources

Try using Anchorlube G-771 when cutting coils. Available from MSC
and other suppliers.