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Koil kutter vs jump ringer

Hi there, I am a first time poster to the list and I am hoping
someone out there can help me. I’d like to be able to make my own
jump rings faster than using a jeweller’s saw which seems to take
ages for me. I have seen listed on many websites and discussions
two products - the koil kutter and the jump ringer. I’d love to get
some feedback on each product from people that have used them.
Which is the better purchase? Is one better than the other one?

Any feedback you could give would be great!


Hi Peita, I own and use a Koil Kutter and have used a Jump Ringer in
classes. They both do an excellent job. For me the deciding factor
was cost, and the fact that I did not own a Foredom tool. The total
cost of a Koil Kutter with a Dremel Tool is several hundred dollars
cheaper than a Jump Ringer and a Foredom Tool.

John Fetvedt
bijoux de terre

Hi Peita, I can only comment on the koil kutter, since that is what I
own. For me, its a great little system and it fit my budget. It is
less costly than the JRer and from what I understand does the same
job. I have had no problems with the KK. I use a dremel and it slices
through a coil like going through butter. Truly. (From what I
understand so does a JRer) Dave provides wonderful customer service
and seems to provide ongoing innovation in his merchandise. He offers
mandrels of various shapes and sizes (I believe) and some other
products…something for making patterns on wire perhaps. Anyway, I’m
no affiliation, just a very satisfied customer.


Hi Petita, I own both the Koil Kutter and the Jump Ringer. The Koil
Kutter is a terrific place to start if your budget is limited or if
your volume will be small. However, if this is a tool that you plan
on using for a long time and for extended periods or high volume, I
would recommend the Jump Ringer (which is the original product and
the KK is the economized knock-off of it). It is superior in quality
and all of the components are finely tooled and made to last. As far
as the cutting, I find that the rings I cut with the JR are cleaner
of cut and need very little to no deburring compared to the rings I
cut using the KK. The tool worked right out of the box, whereas with
the KK, mine needed quite a bit of tweaking and adjusting to get the
correct fit with the cutting base. Luckily I have a very mechanical
husband who was able to modify it so that it worked correctly.
Really, it is just about quality. You can always get by with the
economy version of any tool, but you must pay for the quality and joy
of using a high-grade tool.

Oh, the mandrels that you can get with the KK are a simple set of
transfer punches with slots cut in the ends to hold the wire. You
can usually find the (exact) same metric set without the slots (just
secure the wire in your drill chuck) for $9.99 or less, so if you go
with the KK, I’d recommend checking out harbor freight or searching
around for a set of metric transfer punches to use for mandrels.

Good luck!
Carrie Otterson

Where can you get the Koil Kutter?

Rosy Arrasco

Hi Rosy,

You can get the Koil Kutter from:

Dave Arens
3649 N. Pellegrino Dr.
Tucson AZ 85749

John Fetvedt
bijoux de terre