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Know who you're buying from

Peter’s “fiery red carnelian” that wasn’t, and Chris’s “1.30
Flawless diamond w/tiny chip” that also wasn’t, bring up an
important point. Know who you’re buying from!

I see those tempting internet and magazine ads too. They offer
AAA material for pennies. But as someone already said, AAA only
means it’s the best they have. There’s no standard for grading by
As. Unless you are buying from a reputable dealer, those AAA
eye-clean emeralds are likely to be Colombian driveway gravel,
the “pigeon blood” ruby melee will be muddy pink sapphire, and
that great deal on lapis is gonna break your heart.


(And no, I didn’t buy any of those. But does anyone want any extremely native-
cut, unbelievably shallow andalusite? )

Karen, Your point is well taken! Fortunately my Carnelian story
has a happy ending. It seems that I put my trust in the right
person. The shipment I received came from the tail-end of a lot
(which had probably been high graded for everyone who came before
me.) Whoever packed it up obviously didn’t look at it very
closely. The dealer is sending me the same amount (red this
time) from a new lot; and she told me to keep the brown material
for my trouble! She now has a very happy customer (present and
future.) -Peter-

I thought Karens point was very well put! I learn very quickly
with when a mistake is costly! Once in a while we all get a deal
in a shop from a private person but buying site unseen is very
tough. Sincerely Chris