Knob Blanks

  Does anybody have any contacts, suggestions or ideas that might
pan out for these "knob blanks?" 

Hi Dave, a few years ago I did some work for a high-end furniture
design company making very exclusive drawer pulls and knobs with
cabochons that I cut. I had some 1/2" long stainless steel
“standoffs” made at a local machine shop with threads to fit standard
machine screws. I soldered these to the back of rather beefy silver
bezel settings that I made. I gave the silver a brushed finish and
charged at least $60 for each knob. If you are going to equip
drawers that don’t move on roller mechanisms, then the stress may be
too much for the soldered joints. Some kitchen drawers can get
pretty heavy. I have never heard back from this company after
working with them for a couple years, so I guess none of the knobs
have failed, but this is an assumption on my part.