Knitted bracelet and crochet pendant

Hi dear Orchidians, I would like to tell you that there is a new
knitted bracelet in my Jewellery page 2 at the bottom. There is also
a pendant which is crocheted.

The bracelet has colourful tourmaline beads weaved in the middle. I
didn’t knit the beads while working the knitting but later I wanted
to put some colour on the bracelet and I used nylon tread and weaved
them on the knitted part. The crocheted pendant had (which is stolen)
blue opal. I would like to use iridescent patina on the clasp part of
the bracelet. Any suggestion is wellcome. Kind regards from Turkey,
Oya Borahan

Hi Oya Are the Trabzon woven bracelets and collars shown on your site
available for purchase? I have some clients that are interested in


Dear Oya–Your crocheted bracelets are really lovely. I also do not
add the beads ahead of time, but weave them into the design after the
crocheting is done. This enables me to plan a pattern for the beads
so that they come out exactly the way I want them. I have also
combined fine silver wire with brass wire (by the way I usually use
26 gauge wire–I feel it is most manageable and gives more detail for
fancy crochet stitches) You can see my crocheted jewelry at
http://www.elegantinsects. com. by scrolling down to the links and
clicking on Fine Silver Crocheted Jewelry. All your work is
beautiful! Sincerely Sandra