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Knew Concepts Bench pin & dovetail clamp finally available

Hi Gang,

I said I’d let you all know when our stainless steel bench pins and
the dovetail mounting clamp were available for real. After many
rounds of R&D, and abuse by our gang of testing goons, they went
live this morning.

So if you want to take your dovetail mounted tools (like your
benchmate) to workshops and shows, or just to move them around the
shop without blowing holes in your tables, we’ve got you covered.

The stainless piercing plates are finally done too. Now you can have
a solid steel bench pin that won’t bounce all over the place while
you saw on it, that’s still thin enough not to interfere with your
stroke like a thick wooden pin. Won’t contaminate your sweeps with
aluminum either. (What, did you think I like machining 3/16"
stainless slabs???) Also has all sorts of other goodies built into
it, and more on the way.

Just for completeness’s sake, the new Mk3 Precision Sawguides are
ready too. (For those who’ve had Mk2’s on backorder while we worked
the bugs out of the new one, the first batch of full-up Mk3’s
shipped Friday, so yours are on the way.) Now it’s all aluminum, so
it’s lighter, even as it has a larger 6x6" table, and re-designed,
stronger pivot system. The saw now has lever tensioning like the
best of our hand saws. I almost forgot: now it fits onto a dovetail
mount too, so if you already have one on your bench, you don’t have
to find some other place to clamp it. Existing orders will all come
with one of our new dovetail plate clamps, so not only will it mount
on the dovetail, you have the fancy new clamp too. Going forward,
you can choose whether or not to buy the clamp with the saw,
depending on whether you need one. The price for the new, improved
saw with the clamp will remain the same as the Mk2 saw. So we got
all these new goodies into it, and held the price the same.

Never say CNC hasn’t done anything nice for you. The price savings
came directly from the beasts being faster than we are by hand. All
still made in the US, by people you know. (Namely me and Lee, along
with Ray, Tim and Charmaine.)