Kind request for help or advice

Hello I am Polish jeweler and jewelry designer. I work on my own.
All my works are hand made. Recently I’ve started to create
jewelry made out of silver and ebony (modern, unique, elegant).
I thought that my designs are good enough to try to sell them in
U.S. I sent the picture to where I got very good

"We're right now looking into the possibility of selling your
work. We are both moved and impressed with your work and would
love to have you join us." 

This was sent to me end of January, till now silence. Probably
there is problem with selling foreign works. I’ve asked them
twice, but I got no reply. For the time being I don’t have any
other addresses/directions, mainly because I have only e-mail
access to the Net.

I would be very very grateful for any advice or help how to
enter into American market.

Thank you in advance
Wojciech Szkudlarek