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Kim O'Brien - Jewelry Gallery

k.o’brien jewelry
Pawtucket, RI. USA

My jewelry is influenced heavily on nature and the Art Nouveau movement. I love to play with textures on metal and seeing how different techniques pick up reflections of color and light. I prefer to make one of a kind pieces, playing around with piece after piece leaving some ideas behind and taking other ideas along to blend with the new.

Materials: sterling silver, liver of suphur
Dimensions: pendant is about 10mm round on a 16 inch chain

Forget-me-not necklaces are part of my iron work series inspired by the art deco movement. They are small and light in comparison to the ironwork they were inspired from.

Photo credit: Kim O’Brien

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aster dangles

Materials: sterling silver, liver of sulphur
Dimensions: about 1.5" long and 5/8" round

Aster dangles are simple and elegant, just like the iron work they are inspired from.

Photo credit: Kim O’Brien

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snow dot necklace

Materials: torch fired enamels, fine silver, sterling silver
Dimensions: 1/2" round pendant on a 16" chain

For my dot series I use small dapped discs of silver as an empty canvass to explore color through glass enamel.

Photo credit: Kim O’Brien