Kiln - Paragon SC2 vs. PMC e360?

I am looking to buy a kiln and I have it narroewd down to 2 in my
price range.I am looking at the paragon sc2 or the pmc e360 . I want
to start out with pmc but i also would like to get into wax pattern
can either of these be used for wax burnout also . I know they can
be used for pmc but in the future when i get a little more skilled I
would like to start designing and making my own pieces any help
would be greatly appreciated

thank you
Guy R
St.Is. N.Y.

Of course, you realize that the Paragon SC-2 is Art Clay Silver’s
choice of kiln. Just because a kiln isn’t designated as a “PMC” kiln
doesn’t mean that it can’t be used for metal clay (since you didn’t
capitalize, I’m assuming by “pmc” you mean ALL metal clay). The PMC
kilns are preprogrammed for PMC only, and there seems to be a bit of
a hassle to program it for anything else. The SC-2 only has
programmed ramping speeds: 200, 500, 1000, 1500 deg./hr and element
"full" open. Then you can set the parameters for what you want and
it will remember them as long as you need them. There are also 4
programmable segments. I use my SC-2 for glass, enameling, metal
clay and ceramics with very little effort.


We sell the SC-2 as well as other kilns. I personally have an SC-2
and use it for PMC and fusing glass. You could control the heat to
use it as a burn out kiln, however, I would be concerned about
spilling wax inside. Now a commercial pitch. We are a Paragon
distributor and guarantee that we have the lowest prices (we will
meet anyones). PMC kilns are also good kilns (and we carry them).
My perference is the SC-2, but either would work.

Hope this helps.


Yes, these kilns can be used for burnout of lost wax casting, but
it would be better if you did not use the same kiln for burnout as
you use for enameling. It is okay to use with pmc burnout and lost
wax, but not enamels due to contamination. There are options for
burning out the wax other than the specific oven. You can heat even
in your own home oven to melt the wax out. Then move into the
paragon, etc for heating moving toward casting.

Jennifer Friedman
enamelist, jewelry artisan, ceremonial silver

It is okay to use with pmc burnout and lost wax, but not enamels
due to contamination. 

Why is ok to use PMC with Glass (isn’t enamel glass?) I’m sure that
lost wax temps don’t go as high as 2000 degrees F. (Maybe I’m
wrong?) Change the shelf.