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Kiln minder

Does anyone know how to get in touch with the manufacture of the
KilnMinder. It seems to need calibration. The temperature reading is
clearly not accurate. It reads 1350 during the burn out but we are
still getting grey stinky investment. We have checked and double
checked the temperature in the oven and the kilnminder seems to be
about 150 off

please respond in a direct message to me thank you !


Sounds like your thermocouple is either out of whack or not
installed in the correct position. Don’t count on the gauge, it’s
likely not accurate.

What you can do to calibrate your setup is to find a ceramics or
pottery supplier and get some firing cones of various temperatures.
I’d get some at 1250, 1300 and 1350. Put one of each in the kiln and
do a burnout cycle. At the end of the cycle, look at the cones. They
will melt at their appropriate temperature. If you had it set for a
max of 1300, the 1250 should be a puddle, the 1300 slumped over but
still recognizable, the 1350 should look like nothing happened.

Check the manual if you have one and see where the recommended place
for the thermocouple is, and make sure that’s where it is and that
it’s not touching anything. If it still isn’t working right, get a
new thermocouple and install it correctly. If it’s still not working
right, it may possibly be the kiln minder itself, but that’s not
likely. They tend to be a go or no-go type of unit, in other words,
they either work right or they don’t work at all. Once again, don’t
count on the gauge on the kiln, if it’s within 100 degrees it’s about
as accurate as it’s ever going to be.

All of this is assuming that you are programming the unit correctly,
and that the kiln is working properly, of course.

Hope this helps.

off topic: will the kilnminder work with any kiln, sorry for the of topic question