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Kiln Help Needed (Cincinnati Preferred)

I need to bake a ring in a kiln in an attempt to create a specific
surface patina. Is there anyone that would like to help me. i need
about 2000 degrees F for about 1 hour, or maybe longer if we
experiment with a few rings.

I am trying to guage whether or not to purchase a small kiln.

I live in Cincinnati, Ohio and would love to do this locally. But I
can mail the pieces to you and we can do it remotely if I have to.


Daniel J. Statman, Statman Designs

Hi Daniel- I live in Cincinnati and you are more than welcome to use
my kiln. My name is Ted Finesman- 761-9300 (Teddybear’s Jewelry

Dan, In Cincinnati the College of Mt. St. Joe has a jewelry
department - surely they have kilns you could use. Most high
schools (the one I attended 25 years ago anyway, Wyoming High, did)
have them as well. Don’t know what part of town you live in but
that is the route I would take. Another option is to call Thompson
enameling located just across the river in Bellevue, KY. Good luck.

Allison Vezeau Native Cincinnatian now in So. Cal.