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Kiln Conversion Options / Advice


Hi, I have this kiln and I would like to convert it to a programmable one. Can you give me some suggestions and opinions on this idea? I live in Canada and it is running off of 120v.

A suggestion on where I can buy parts too if that is an option.




I have one just like it that I just converted today. Following is what I bought:

Vendor - Aubuer Instruments

1 WS-1510DPMA Digital Thermocouple Based Controller
1 WRNK - 191 10" Thermocouple

You may need a shorter thermocouple if there isn’t enough space. Total cost was less than $200 including shipping. The kiln can’t draw more than 15 amps. If it does, you need a more expensive controller. Literally just got it, but it seems to do what I want to do. More when I know it. Good luck…Rob



You might look into an getting an Orton controller. They have units that are auxiliary to a kiln itself. I have one and love it. It has lots of programmable functionality. I have my kiln on an old rolling band saw stand with a kiln shelf underneath it. The height is quite ergonomic for transfer of flasks to my centrifuge and I have an overhead ventilating exhaust system that is shared by both units - depending on which one is actively needed for fumes and such. I reinforced the legs and mounted the controller on the side below. The kiln itself plugs into the controlled and the controller has a 120v 30A dedicated circuit with a twist plug. One unit piggy backs into the other. The thermostat sensors on the back of the kiln attach to the side of the controller. Both are unplugged when not in use. A sheet metal scrap serves as a safety cover that wedges into the slight gap between the kiln shelf on the stand and the stand itself. It keeps debris from falling into the grid vent top of the controller. It saved me once when there was a plumbing leak info my ceiling while i was gone for a couple of weeks.


Thanks, Ill look into that. Good suggestions.



Great, I will check those item out. eager to hear and see your end result.




Following is a link to pictures of the controller that I received and installed today. Please keep in mind that it is limited to 15 amps. I don’t cast and only use my kiln to anneal and heat treat silver. The controller does have six variable ramped set points, but I only need one set point so that I can walk away from the kiln while it is in use. Auber was good to work with and they will answer whatever questions you have and make recommendations. Good luck…Rob


I have built a number of controllers for kiln, wax pot, steamer and other heat related tools. I used a PID and K type sensor.
It is easy wiring and there is a lot of info available. Just google PID heat control for a start and message me if you need some direction.
I looked at the previous suggestions made and think that for off the shelf items thee are good choices.



I will look into that as well.