Kill your business


Imagine you are a 15 year old girl in a poor rural town. You paid
$69 for a signet ring. You love the ring. But the same ring goes on
sale for $25. $44 dollars less than you paid for it. Are you happy?
NO! [I make real signet rings, buy blanks from Euromount Sydney, English made full assay marks from England.]

The ring you bought was sized down, no charge, but within weeks broke
on the solder point. Are you happy? NO!

Your jewellery teacher, me, shows you why the solder join was not
done properly and repairs ring for you. And teaches you how to do it.
And explains why this ring is rubbish.

What does a teenage girl do? Facebook! Now this jewellery store is
sh*t on Facebook to all her Facebook friends. Plus word of mouth to
all who listen.

Now this shop has a jewellery student, in competition, who can size
down silver rings better than the jewellery shop.

It is not hard to size down a silver ring and do the job properly.
Care and attention is all it takes.

If this shop had done a good job it would not have a problem. But it
did a bad job and now has big problems.

This is why I guarantee all my jewellery for life. You break it I
fix it for free. Had only 3 repairs in 30 years. Customers fault not
my workmanship.

This student will never buy such piece of cr*p again. She has been
taught what makes a quality piece. And all her Facebook friends will
buy from her instead of the local jewellery store.

One bad ring resize can kill your business.


One bad ring resize can kill your business. 

Especially a bad ring resize in the hands of an angry teenage girl
on Facebook. And that’s another thing to remember, never
underestimate thepower of ANY client - no matter how inconsequential
they seem - to influence your business good or bad. El

One bad ring resize can kill your business. 

I have made mistakes over the years. Most people are grateful to
havethe work redone for no charge and with a quick turn around.

The people who were angry or difficult usually were people that other
retailers don’t want anyway.


The people who were angry or difficult usually were people that
other retailers don't want anyway. 

Well that describes many teenage girls. Adults usually understand
things can go wrong and accept reality.

Teenage girls well? They are also the biggest thieves of any group.

Had one take a ring of mine in a market, caught up with her. At
another stall her and her friend were stealing from.

She was wearing it. And was all smart arse, ready to run till I told
her you run I break your arm. When the police arrived, wow was her
mum impressed. They were on holidays from 500 miles away and had to
come back for the court date.

Was too busy to push the point. Should have demanded mum was strip
searched to se if she was the ring leader.

As juveniles only get a caution many adults use them to do the
crime. These girls had a lot of items on them when searched.

That said there are many charming and intelligent and honest young
ladies I do business with. I work with young offenders and can
usually spot on who wants to get up to trouble, but not always.


I once had a client who wanted a custom design ring done. I did the
design…13 try’s later I found out she loved the first one but did
not have the money to pay for what she ordered. I was less then
happy… $500.00 ring and countless hours on my part. I did not let
her know I was mad off the wall.

Two years later she walked into my store and I was not happy. but
again gaveher respect. she saw a ring in the case and laid out
$10,000.00 cash on thecounter and told me that she was so
appreciative of my understanding the first time she needed to repay
me for my time and effort. She became one of my best clients as she
got older. True story…

I see peoples ability to review (trash) a business anonymously
online as mostly a curse. The reviews are seldom accurate or helpful
and are often just mean spirited, it’s like it’s fun for these
people to try to hurt others.

There is a wonderful local restaurant who sources ingredients locally
and makes it all from scratch, we are so lucky to have her in our
smallish town. When you look up her restaurant online there is a
series of very unfairly critical and snarky reviews (of course
anonymous). The owner politely responded but the overall impression
created by the online terrorists is negative and doesn’t help anyone.

A funny and somewhat related story, my wife and I were at a Thai
restaurant and a live squirrel was being chased through the the
dinning room by the servers. We aren’t sure if it had run in through
the open door or was escaping from the Kitchen! We did not comment
about that online.



I see peoples ability to review (trash) a business anonymously
online as mostly a curse. 

I agree the business my son works for is top quality cake and
biscuit maker. There is a very negative comment on the web page about
the service in the business. Anonymous of course, the gripe the
orange juice came from a bottle.


A well known/well paid consultant to the Healthcare industry has
data to show that a negative customer experience will be related to
over 1100 people, while a positive experience will be related to
only 8.

This might be why there are so many consultancies now whose model is
to prevent their client businesses from being bullied by their
customers. They use a varietyof different means - training, policy,

Every so often you hear of a “shocked and dismayed” person who is
being sued because they postedan untrue rant about a business
experience online. We may see more of it.