Kevin Patrick Kelly Passed and his jewelry estate for sale

Hello all - John here but Jo-Ann is right there too. Kevin Kelly was
once active on Orchid quite a few years back and it didn’t occur to
me to post this here since he isn’t on Orchid anymore. But I know he
had friends out there. I’m afraid we don’t know many details except
that he had been in poor health the last couple of years and then
last month he finally left us. He is survived by his wife Lynn and
some other family. We were friends for a long time, and did work for
him for years but we haven’t spoken with him in a couple of years

The other side of the coin is that his family has asked us to help
with the disposition of his jewelry shop and materials. I’ll say up
front that we are doing this as a favor to Kevin and family and we
aren’t actually handling the things, just providing support and
hopefully contacts and leads. Next I’ll say that this is a bit
premature because the family is traveling to Santa Fe to assessand
inventory what there is left behind. At this point we don’t know,
but if anybody interested wants to email us offlist at
jjdonATpacbell. net wewill file your letters for the future. I will
write again when we do know what there is. I gather that the plan is
to take the things from Santa Fe back home to somewhere back east
which I’m afraid I don’t recall wherenow.

At this point I can say this - Kevin was a lapidary specializing in
opals, many of them boulder opals. He had a good eye for them and
knew a beautiful stone when he saw it, regardless of the cost. So,
his lapidary equipment will be for sale, as will his opal stock both
rough and cut and any other miscellaneous stones which I know he
had. We don’t knowhow much finished jewelry there is but that will
be for sale also. Again, I will write more when I know details. For
now, his website is still up and you can see some of the stones he
has used in the past:

Adios Kevin!

Beautiful unusual gems, looking forward to seeing what will be sold.
So sorry for the loss of such a talent

I would be interested in any catseye or star opals he may have. Are
you going to put up pictures ? And will this be online at a
particular place or both ?

Kevin Patrick Kelly. I’m so sorry to have only now learned that my
friend, Kevin Patrick Kelly, is gone. I enjoyed his company so much!
I respected his acute eye for framing the best aspect of the best
opal. his finishing was beyond peer. I miss the incredible stones he
would occasionally allow me to convince him to sell to me and his
true pleasure in how I expanded their story with my work. I miss his
twinkly eyes, his intelligence, his wit, his talent, his integrity.
Good night, Kevin. you will be remembered.