Keumboo in Korea

Hi Everyone -

I will be traveling to Seoul, as well as Bangkok, at the end of
November. I will be spending 5 days in Seoul. I do a lot of Keumboo
in my work, and am interested to learn more about how this is done
in Korea while I’m there. Does anyone have any suggestions on people
to visit or places to go? Also I would be very interested to go to a
jewelry supply-type store while I’m there, especially one which
sells gold foil and keumboo tools such as burnishers etc. If anyone
has any experiences or suggestions I would greatly appreciate any

Also, we are considering going to the Burmese border during our time
in Thailand, or perhaps even flying into Burma to buy rough and/or
cut stones. Has anyone done either of these travels recently and want
to share their experiences, either privately or publicly? Thanks,

Joe Korth

Dear Joe,

I use the Keum-boo technique in my work often. I also teach a
Keum-boo class at the Revere Academy. I would really appreciate it
if you would post a follow up report on what you do or find of
interest in Korea.

Have a wonderful trip!