Kerr Satin cast 20 with pink tint


Does anyone use KERR SATIN CAST 20? I have for YEARS, and just
opened a new box, measured and mixed and notices a pink hue to this
new box. Anyone else notice this? I haven’t had time yet to ask my
supplier about this, but believe me, I’m NOT crazy! LOL Seemed to be
just fine, but the pink hue threw me back a bit.

Let me know, Thanks,
Steve Cowan Arista Designs LLC

Hi Steve,

Did it turn bright pink, but only after you mixed it with water?
(it’s white when powder.)

If so, then you got a box of the special stuff they use for
stone-in-place casting. If it’s just generically pink, than your
guess is as good as mine.


Hi, Brian

Yes it’s white in powder form but when I mixed it with water it
turned bright pink.

That was my suspicion but I thought I would ask.

After pouring the gold and tried to quench it, it was like concrete.
I think that was the give away!

Thanks for the info.!
Steve Cowan Arista Designs LLC

The pink color comes from the blending process at the facility. It is basically a ‘leftover’ from a previous production run of plasters, which are pink in color. This happens every once in a while, but it does not affect the performance of your investment powder. Hope this helps.