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Kerr is closing

From Otto Frei…

Kerr Jewelry Division is closing down. The parent company, Kavo-Kerr has decided to call it quits after 100 years in the jewelry industry to concentrate on their dental business. We have one more container load of Kerr Satin Cast Investment on its way to us but after that, the world’s leading casting investment will be no more.

Wow! that is a Total surprise…

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If one company closes down, don’t be alarmed! “Never put all of your eggs into one basket”. If one supplier closes, there are always more players in the field. I always play my game safely, keep looking for ‘others’ in times like these!!

Gerry! from my Toronto iPhone!

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I was surprised too. Seems like it would be a profitable division and worth selling rather than closing. Satin Cast sales alone would seem to make it worthwhile. But who knows?

I’ve been getting great results with R&R Ultravest for years if any Satin Cast users are looking for an investment recommendation.

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