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KERR Electromelts

The company KERR officially exited the Jewelry Materials division several months ago. I was the International Sales Manager for this division for a very long time.
One of the items of interest were the ELECTROMELTS, which were manufactured in Italy for KERR and branded as KERR. I was able to connect with this manufacturer and to to continue marketing this great item into our Industry.
The melters are now named VENTURA-MELT, are of identical construction and design; parts are interchangeable from the KERR over to VENTURA-MELTS.
The melters and parts are distributed through Jewelry Tool Suppliers, if you are interested, please inquire here. If you are interested in distributing and are a legitimate dealer/distributor, I welcome your message.


My name is Steve Chancellor and I represent Santa Fe Jewelers Supply.

If you would get in touch with me about purchasing the Ventura Electro Melts for resale, I would be most grateful.

I look forward to your response,

Steve Chancellor

Done, Steve, would love to have you on board!

Hi Frank,

You might let me know what your product line encompasses, including price structure etc.