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Kerr Acu Carve Injection wax

I recently received some Accu Carve purple wax from Kerr and Wow! I
wanted a do everything wax that I could inject, carve, form, and
that had enough structural strength to stay together when doing free
form buildup. I have used blue wax shapes such as round and half
round and they have all the structural integrity of baby poop. This
purple wax is slightly softer than purple hard wax used in ring
tubes, but finished nicely with sand paper. Rough wax files chew it
up so I use fine needle files that clean quickly because of the
hardness of the wax. Now I need an extruder so I can throw out my
blue shapes. The best part is that I can melt it and do free form
shapes. When it cools It’s just as strong as before I melted it yet
can bend without breaking. At about $6 a pound, I would suggest
everyone have this on hand for a general purpose wax.

Randy Wisnia
Whimsical you