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Kenneth Bates Enamels

Hi…This weekend I had a show in the Detroit Area,
since we were pretty near Cleveland and I had never
seen any of the Kenneth Bates Enamels up close I
decided to stay over until Tuesday morning and go to
the Cleveland Museum of Art. Since it seemed to be
common knowledge that they have the largest collection
of his work anywhere and across the street is one of
the foremost schools that teach enameling as a fine art
it didn’t even occur to me to call ahead and see what
they have on exhibit. The answer is nothing. They have
boxes of his work, but not one piece on display. There
was another woman there at the same time as I looking
for his work also. What a sad situation! Silly me for
not calling ahead, but I just assumed something would
be out!

In the end, it was suggested that this has been a
problem but few people will actually write to the
director and tell them of their interest in seeing his
work on permanent display. If you would like to express
yourself and let the Director know you think these
works should be available for public viewing write:
Rbt. Bergman, Director The Cleveland Museum of Art
11150 East Boulevard Cleveland, OH

Good Work,

Karen in Northern Illinois…6 1/2 hrs. from Cleveland
where they keep Kenneth Bates’ enamels locked away