Keeping Prip's flux sprayer unclogged

Hello all,

There have been several postings on the best way to apply Prip’s
flux. I like the spritzer type applicator - reused a body fragrance
mister in fact. The problem I kept having was that the sprayer would
clog, and it would have to be cleaned out at the start of each bench
session. Since I’m not soldering everyday, it was a hassel.
Replacing the cover cap didn’t help.

Well! Here’s the solution and pardon me for feeling pretty smug.
I took the little plastic cover cap that is on the sprayer top when
you buy it, filled it about 2/3 with water, inverted the sprayer and
put it into the cap so that the spray aperture was under water. (The
cap snaps on and stays in place.) Then I stored the spray bottle
filled with flux, Upside Down (!) in a jar so that water would stay
above the little hole in the sprayer.

It had been at least 5 days since I last used the flux. With the
spray bottle still inverted, I snapped off the cap containing the
water and set it aside for later. First pump of the sprayer rewarded
me with that nice delicate mist that perfectly coats the metal with
flux. Love it!! When cleaning up the bench, I put the little cap
with water back on the sprayer and inverted it in the jar until next

Just had to share this little tip. Hope it helps someone. Judy in
Kansas where the butternut squash is setting size records.

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Judy, This hint sure sounds like a winner to me. I’m using a spray
bottle (plant mister) without the little cap top you mention so I’m
going to try your suggestion and turn my bottle upside down in a
margerine tub of water making sure the tip that clogs is below the
water. Then I’ll cover this with some platic wrap to slow
evaperation. NET

We use our spray bottle on almost a daily basis… Sooooooo… I
just wrap the nozzle in wet cotton, and cover it with one of those
little plastic 1 oz. measuring cups. (They are about the size and
shape of a shot glass)

Over a weeks’ time it will evaporate - but for day to day use, it
seems to work fine.

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Judy, Another thing you might try is turning the bottle of flux upside
down, clearing the little tube of the remaining prip’s, say onto that
last heat job. It would eliminate the water in the cap, which I would
invariably have all over me before the day was out : ) . At least this
works with the spray starch I have to use on hubby’s shirts and my

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