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Keeping PMC moist

Hi, I just ordered my first batch of PMC, to “play with” I understand
that it needs to be kept from drying out. Is there anything you can
use to keep it moist or spray on to rejuvinate it?


To keep PMC moist, for the past ten years, I have returned it to its
packaging, wrapping it tightly in the clear plastic wrap first. When
it has been out of the packaging for any length of time over 5-10
minutes, I usually add a drop of water on the surface of the metal
clay and then seal it in the packaging. When its going to be stored
awhile after being opened, I moisten a small piece of paper towel
and place it in the package, outside the clear plastic wrap with the
metal clay.

Now there are small cases available, marketed, I believe, as PMC
Safes (just google it and I think it will pop up). They seal the
excess material while you’re working. It’s been suggested that
moistening and placing a small bit of the hydrating material that
florists use in the ‘safe’ helps to keep the metal clay hydrated.

BTW, there’s a new book out, entitled PMC Decade, a gallery book
curated by Tim McCreight. I just received a copy and it’s gorgeous.
Check it out.

Linda Kaye-Moses

Some techniques:

  • rub a small amount of olive oil on your hands
  • keep Saran Wrap handy and cover your piece of clay that you are
    working with
  • always wrap tightly and put away the clay you are not using at
    that moment
  • to rejuvenate, use PMC Extender Liquid, add a drop or two, while
    holding the clay inside Saran Wrap, knead it in, let it sit for
    10-30 minutes.



Elaine Luther
Metalsmith, Certified PMC Instructor
Hard to Find Tools for Metal Clay


I started playing with PMC over the summer. I found that keeping it
in its original packaging coupled with a good sealable tupperware
keeps it moist. If it gets hard while you are playing with it, a
little distilled water in a spray bottle does the trick. I spread a
little bit of olive oil on my hands like CeCe Wire recommends in her
book, “Creative Metal Clay Jewelry,” to keep it from sticking to my
fingers as well. Metal Clay is lots of fun. If you find you need more
info, CeCe’s book is a really good place to start. I read it cover to

Augest Derenthal
Cry Baby Designs

soil moist granules=.available at every garden and home
center…check out Contenti jewelers supply’s October newsletter
online…its all there in the tips and tricks section…and beats
paying for the “vault” selling through the pmc guild, et al…


The great thing about PMC is that if it does dry out, it can be
reconstituted with a with a little water. When you open your PMC, you
will see that it is wrapped in a square of plastic and then put into
a the square, silver looking PMC envelope which has a “zip-lock” type
of seal on it. When I have any left over PMC, I rewrap it in the
square of clear plastic, put it back into the original silver
envelope and add a small piece of wet paper towel. Seal the silver
envelope and put the whole thing into another zip-lock bag. Use the
heavier freezer bags, not the sandwich bags. I have had PMC last for
weeks or even months this way. My guess is that once you start using
it, you’ll see what you can do with it, have more ideas than PMC, and
you won’t have to store it for very long.

Also, before you even touch the PMC, but some olive oil on your
hands. It will keep it from sticking to your tools, surface or hands.
And it won’t dry out as fast while you’re working it.

Good Luck and enjoy!

online..its all there in the tips and tricks section..and beats
paying for the "vault" selling through the pmc guild, et al... 

The PMC Guild doesn’t sell anything, except memberships. The PMC Safe
and PMC Vault are sold by PMC Supply.


Elaine Luther
Metalsmith, Certified PMC Instructor
Hard to Find Tools for Metal Clay