Keeping names straight

people - since i communicate with some orchidites off-thread - as
well as off the wall, off the scale & often, off the planet (life is
short, don’t waste any of it on boring people!) here’s a suggestion
for keeping real-time names hooked up with online aliases - i will
use the aol terms & you can translate for your own carrier: when you
start reading the posts from orchid:

  1. open an email blank & address it to yourself (it could get sent
    accidently & it will come right back to you & you can keep using it
    by cutting & pasting onto another email addressed to you … etc),

  2. copy the address at the top of the orchid post after ‘from’ -
    usually there’s at least a first name after the email address -

  3. paste that onto your email & drag it off to the side (this keeps
    you from having to retrieve it after adding every name),

  4. click back onto your ‘new mail’ list & go onto the next orchid

  5. copy the next name, delete or X that post & click onto the edge of
    your email peeking out from the side of the mail list,

  6. repeat as needed, (with or without 2 aspirin)

  7. when you’ve got all the names in that orchid batch, click ‘send
    later’ - the email goes into your ‘waiting to be sent’ file.

  8. to add more names next time, go to your ‘waiting’ file, bring up
    your email with ‘read’ or ‘edit’ & repeat this whole process.

9.THEN click ‘send later’ after each session or the new names might
not be added on some programs.

yes, there’s probably a much better method for doing this, but i am
computer illegitimate & it works for me.