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Kaytria Stauffer - Jewelry Gallery

Syracuse, New York

I received my B.F.A in Metalsmithing in the Spring of 2012. My inspiration comes from maps and geography.

Materials: Sterling silver, black spinel, almandine garnet
Dimensions: size 6

Originally designed from a series of pieces I did based on Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland, this piece morphed into something more of a castle on a headland.

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Philadelphia, PA. USA

This work walks the boundary between confrontation and concord across multiple themes: two and three dimensions, rural and urban, line and shape, natural and industrial, wearable jewelry and art.

Using map imagery to explore the contrasts and correspondences of these themes, delicate silver forms containing miniature map drawings layered in resin are created. These painted layers are colorful gems, with masses of line and shape that harken back to the topographic and road maps they were derived from.

Like maps, inspiration is drawn from crystalline structures and their ability to preserve what is in and reflect what is around them. The maps we use today relate by preserving the history of the places they record while reflecting the maker’s intention and the user’s need. Like jewelry, maps are intimately entwined with their maker and user.

Materials: Sterling Silver, Resin, Ink, Transparency

Dynamic Earring

Materials: Sterling Silver, Resin, Ink, Transparency


Materials: Sterling Silver, Resin, Ink, Transparency