Kay Cummins - Bench Exchange

Well this is my workspace. I enamel, fabricate and work with a lot of Found Objects. Mostly Sterling Silver but now Gold and Steel too. This was the formal living room – now it’s the “living” room - I love my studio! Rio has been a resource for many of my tools and supplies. I just made a stretch purchase with a PUK 5 (thank you to Sessin at Rio for the hands-on learning and purchase help). I’m pretty sure it will be a value of having a part time Asst. Just set up and I had to create room.
Kay Cummins OutAndAboutGirls.com.

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Kay, Trying to work my way through all of the “Bench Exchange” listings. I love your consolidated working environment, especially with the window in front of the one bench. Mine is spread across two areas and my torches and ovens are in a garage work-space.

I am curious about your oven, it isn’t apparant from the photo if it vents to the room or outside. If that is a working fireplace, I’d be tempted to vent to the chimney.

Thanks for sharing
Regards RLW
Ron Wade