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Kate Wolf's wax tools

Hello all, I am a long time lurker and seldom post as the question
is always answered before I can reply, but that’s what makes this
list so great. I digress. I won a set of Kate Wolf’s wax carving
tools at the Tucson Orchid dinner in '01. THEY ARE THE GREATEST TOOL
SINCE SLICED BREAD!!! During this Christmas season, they have
saved my a_s many times over. I have even gotten home by 10:00 pm
some nights :slight_smile: As always, I have no connection with Kate other than a
very ,very satisfied user of her knowledge… TBear


I ordered Kate’s tools as soon as I heard they were available from
Rio Grande, but they are still on back order. Glad to hear they will
be worth the wait.

Jon Michael Fuja