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Kate Wolf's wax carving tools

In your post you mentioned the Orchid dinner at Tucson and the wax
carving tools by Kate Wolf that you won. After hearing you describe
them I’d sure like to see them or know where to get them. Annette

Where can one see and purchase Kate Wolf’s wax carving tools? Joel

Joel Schwalb

The “Kate Wolf” wax tools are a set of ten (10) carving tools with
foam handles that are extremely easy to hold and use. The quality and
finish are excellent. Each tool has a different shape tip for
specific purposes: however, each tool is not limited to only one use.
I realize that this description doesn’t do the tools justice. You
can reach Kate at (207)871-1343 or and
she can probably give a better description.

Greetings Orchidians,

Orchid is a powerful force (Thank you Dr. Aspler!) I’ve had tons of
email an d calls after Ted’s post. The tools Ted describes were custom
handmade for th e Orchid Auction. As I am busy teaching and hosting
workshops (and making master models) I don’t have time to custom make
more sets.

After years of requests, I’ve started the process of having these
carving tools manufactured. The set of tools will come with an
illustrated booklet describing how to use each tool. This wonB9t be
available until late 2002. ( I am working hard to ensure the tools are
as precise, thin and sharp as the tools I have made by hand).

In my 4 day, hands on Wax Carving Workshops, we make a set of these
tools o n the first day of class- (the response from the students
about the differenc e these tools make in their work has been
tremendous). Here is a list of date s and locations for the workshops:

May 28-31; July 22-25; October 28-31 Workshops @ Wolf Designs,
Portland, Maine (207)871-1343

April 7-10; September 9-12 at New Approach School for Jewelers in
Virginia Beach, Va (800)529-4763

June 22-25 Alberta College of Art and Design, Calgary, Alberta,

Best Regards, Kate Wolf in drizzly Portland Maine (it’s suppose to
SNOW in February!!)