Karen Christians resigned from Metalwerx

On Monday, September 24, 2007, I submitted my resignation as
Executive Director of Metalwerx, Inc.

As you can imagine this was not an easy decision to make. I founded
Metalwerx, LLC in 1998 as a 450 square foot store front in Woburn,
MA. Nine years later, Metalwerx, Inc. is a thriving, non-profit
school and community studio hosting over 40 intensive weekend
workshops and four semesters of weekly classes. Our students have
the benefit of studying with highly talented and inspiring
instructors from all over the United States and beyond.

It’s been such a gift to be able to fulfill my dream and watch
Metalwerx grow and develop. I have put my heart and soul into this
school over the years, and that experience has been enormously
rewarding. However, it has also taken a toll on my health, my
finances, and my family. Fortunately, Metalwerx is now in a stronger
position than ever before. At this point, thanks to the efforts of
our Board of Directors, our devoted staff, instructors, and growing
volunteer network, I feel confident that I can relinquish the
day-to-day administrative responsibilities to other capable hands.

I will be spending some much needed time reconnecting with my
family, rekindling my passion for creating art, and pursuing projects
for my new company, Cleverwerx, LLC which is redesigning jewelry
tools, such as handles, tweezers and and clamps to make high quality,
long lasting jewelers tools manufactured in the US. After many years
in the jewelry business, I have discovered the value and feel of a
beautifully made tool in my hand and will strive to work with the
amazing vendors I have met over the years to create them.

I’m very excited about these new adventures, but of course I will
always be very much a part of Metalwerx, now and in the future. I
have happily agreed to accept a position on the Metalwerx Board of
Directors where I can continue to contribute my passion and
enthusiasm for this remarkable school.

The Board of Directors has appointed Laura Chalifoux, also serving as
Treasurer on the Board, as Interim Director. Laura and I have been
working closely together since last year. She has been instrumental
in bringing order to Metalwerx’s finances and putting management
systems in place to ensure future stability. Laura and Lindsay
Greenwald, our Program Coordinator, have been working together to
streamline administration and registration systems. They make a great

Thank you for all the years of joy I have had from meeting so many
of you. You are the reason we are here working on constantly
improving Metalwerx. Please continue to show your support for our
school, in all its capacity to change lives for the better

Karen Christians