Karat findings

Why apologize? I thought the reason for this site was to share
thoughts, ideas, etc. with others. If what one has to offer is
informative and not full of personal misconceptions or errors then
there is nothing wrong with sharing it. And if there are errors,
etc. then proved the correction. None of us are perfect and if we
have made a mistake or are misinformed then we need to know. There
are some of us that read this site that are just learning and enjoy
being informed. If I know that already I just pass over

I appreciated this particular article because I was working on
putting together on ‘Specific Gravity’ for the Lewistion
Clarkston Gem Club news letter Boulder Buster

So for those of you that have set yourselves up on the pedestal of
higher learning, either get off the site with your grumbling, no
one is learning from them, or come down off your pedestals and join
the rest of us by sharing what YOU know with the rest of us that MAY
or MAYNOT know what you know.

Orville McArthur