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Kaplan, Chiarappa, Harrod, and Dixon in NZ Conference

There’s a craft conference being held here in New Zealand from
April 16 - 19th - ‘Korero a te
whatu - The Persuasive Object’ - and the people below will be
’keynote’ presenters.

I wonder if anyone in Artmetal or Orchid knows them or knows of
them. What may we expect? I’d appreciate any discussion.

Wendy Kaplan, Assistant Dir Wolfsonian Museum Florida USA.
‘Leading The Simple Life’.

Michael Chiarappa, American cultural and environmental historian
Univ Western Michigan at Kalamazoo. ‘The Impact of Tourism on the

Tanya Harrod, craft critic/writer, social historian, UK. ‘Why Do
We Hate The Crafts?’.

Tom Dixon, furniture designer, Director ‘Habitat’, UK.

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