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[Kansas] Smoky Hill River Festival


Hello Everybody,

Has anyone done the Smoky Hill River Festival in Salina, Kansas? I’ve
received an application from the Fine Art section of the Smoky Hill
River Festival. Is this a good venue for high end art jewelry? My
stuff is all handmade, I fabricate my own findings, and cut a lot of
my stones, and I charge accordingly.

Is this a show that attracts a crowd willing to pay upwards of $500
for a piece of jewelry, or is this a show that is better for
lower-end jewelry? I’d like to find out before I invest any time or
money that I could use elsewhere.

BTW - follow up on the opal/opticon- the stone broke into three
pieces, making the question moot. Spontaneous melee, I can live with
that. The other stone I cut in half along the crack, and have carved
into two seperate pieces. Have decided I will never seal or bother
with fractured opals. If it cracks, it’s going in the fishtank, and
that will be that.

Thanks in advance,