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K & D Tool question


HI all, I’m a lurker who is enjoying learning from all of you
posters-thanks for sharing! I am currently a hobbyist but
need/want/hopefully will be doing more with my studio style jewelry.

For now, I have a question regarding 2 old sets of tools that I own
but don’t know how to use! I’ve looked everywhere to learn about them
but cannot find a thing-I’m betting someone here can enlighten me.
They appear to be old stone setting sets ? made by K & D. Each is in
its own wooden handled fitted box. Each has a working stand mounted
with circular table on which to work and there are about 50 nicely
polished steel punches (look like beading tools) with various
circular and concave/conves polished heads; there are also about 10
auxiliary pieces which appear to fit onto the working table of the
main tooling stand.

I’d appreciate any help finding a source for instruction manuals for
using these-they are very nice quality and I’d love to find some
instructions on how to use them! And, yes, you have probably guessed
that I’m a tool freak :wink:

Thanks in advance-Jan

  For now, I have a question regarding 2 old sets of tools that I
own but don't know how to use! 

Perhaps the confusion is thinking they’re jewelers tools. They
aren’t. These are watchmakers staking tools. The small attachments
fit the rotating wheel-like base, and are called stumps. while the
punches then fit the obvious holder on the top, bearing down. What
they’re used for is the installation, removal, adjusting, etc, of
things like various types of gears on their shafts, bearings to be
pressed into place, holes to be closed or adjusted, and the like.
Many have quite specific uses in the assembly or dissassembly of
various parts of a watch movement. You can get a glimpse of some
of these purposes by looking at the catalog listings for individual
punches and stumps. The Frei and Borel watch materials catalog is
online, and the individual staking punches are at A link on the bottom of that page
will take you to the various stumps. or real instructions, you’d
have to probably take a course in watchmaking. I imagine there are
probably books on watchmaking out there too, that might cover the uses
of these tools, but not being a watchmaker, I cannot help with
recommendations on that.

Hope that helps.
Peter Rowe


jan, sounds like you have a set of bezel punches, used to secure
stones in bezels instead of burnishing, you just tap the bezel in one
pop…that’s my guess without seeing your tool…i don’t remember
ever having instructions for any tools in my 21 years with the
exception of flex shaft, oven and steamer,in fact a friend bought a
store that a jeweler had left quite a bit of tools and she’s ask me
to come id them…your not alone. good luck lisa


Dear Jan, I wonder if you possibly have a watchmaker’s staking set?
They are used for several different tasks in watchmaking/repairing,
though I have used some of the tools for the occasional jewelry
repair job- flairing a bezel, tapping down a bezel evenly on
diamond, reshaping a cup to better fit a pearl, etc. I did not ever
learn watchmaking, but my husband did and could probably explain
their actual uses much better than I. I’m sure we have some other
watchmakers out there that will probably step up and fill you in. If
not, e-mail me and I will have my husband respond.

Take care all. Brenda Mason City, Iowa, where it is down to zero
degrees and the kids are anxiously awaiting Christmas!


Attn Jan The Tool set that you describe sounds like a Watch and Clock
Staking set. K&D was big in Watch makers tools tool. The Stake Holder
and the Anvils with Round Discs came in a Box and was a pride & joy
of a Watch maker. The tools look like big setting closures & Beading
tools and Punches. Unfortunately these are not stone setting tools.
But you are in luck it is not written anywhere that you cannot use
the tools for purposes other than they were intended

Kenneth Singh



These sound to me like watchmakers staking tools. Have some of the
punches got holes down them? If so, they aren’t jewellery related at
all and are intended for various rivetting and punching jobs on

Best wishes,
(antique watch restorer - {the watches, not me!})
Sheffield, UK


Dear Jan,

What you describe it seems to me is a watchmaker staking tool set.
Comes in a nice wooden box.K&D puts out a small booklet on how to use
the staking set.Check on some watch sites on ordering it. If you
can’t find it anywhere e-mail me after Christmas and I will copy it
for you. They would have no value whatsoever in setting stones.

Terry Parresol Parresol Jewelers,Goldsmiths,Watchmakers