Just starting out - tumbling

I’m just starting out, & have taken two classes but the topic of
tumbling did not come up in either class. I’m wondering what kind I
need to buy for polishing? I see that there are two basic kinds-- the
tumbling kind that depends on the sliding action of various grits and
a vibratory kind. Or do I need both kinds? My budget is pretty
modest, and I most likely will keep my silversmithing and
metalsmithing to an intensive hobby level. What models would you
recommend? Any help and would be appreciated.

That said, I also would like to get a rolling mill. Which would be
more of a priority, a tumbler or rolling mill?

Peggy K.

I use a Lortone 3A, no problems. This is a rotary tumbler. About
$100, I got mine from an online person for $25; who had never used


Hi Peggy…I, too, am at an ‘intense hobbyist’ level…I LOVE my
Covington tumbler. ($480 Cdn.) I use mixed shot – keep covered with
water. Four good squirts of GREEN Palmolive dish soap. Tumble for
about 2-3 hours…and my silver and copper are pristine! (Finishing
well by hand BEFORE tumbling certainly helps. Jagged edges & ‘lumpy’
solder will just be a smoother, shinier version of jagged and lumpy!)

From my (very) newbie perspective: if you have a foredom and can
finish and polish 'by hand', then perhaps invest in a rolling mill. 

I just COULDN’T choose – I bought BOTH!..as a result my
piggy-bank is broken and bloody. Time heals most wounds…and I’m
having a helluva lot of FUN!

(My website hasn’t been updated, I’m afraid…but I hope to have
more recent work added soon…)


I have two used Raytech TV10’s for sale. Contact me off list
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Sam Patania, Tucson

What are you planning to polish via tumbling, metal smith project or
stone? Knowing what you are planning to tumble can make a big
difference in the answer.