Just released PUK5

Wow, the PUK5 has improvements over the PUK04. Take a look…

Jeff Herman

Hi Jeff,

I’m interested in the PUK5 but know nothing about it. I’ve looked at
your blog and seen the amazing things it can do. In looking at the
photos I don’t see how the argon gas is used and how it is set up in
the shop or what safetyprecautions are taken. My main concern is
safety when dealing with yet another gas in the shop. Anything you
can tell me about dealing with argon wouldbe much appreciated.
That’s the only thing holding me back from getting a PUK5. I also
checked the manufacturers website and rio grande website.

Thank you,
Linda Suzuki
Zukii Designs

Hi Linda,

This is one gas you don’t have to worry about as long as you’re not
working in a confined space like a clothes hamper. Argon is
non-flammable, but it still gets naturally vented outside because of
the metal fumes that are created during the welding process. I
believe the PUK5 will be available in the US within a couple of

Jeff Herman