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[Just Published] Lewton-Brain's Chasing and Repousse Picks

A six year project is done and ready.

“Lost Books Found: Lewton-Brain’s Chasing and Repouss Picks”

Charles Lewton-Brain has a new CD out with the most information
about Chasing and Repousse ever assembled in one place. For 30 years
he collected rare, hard to find books published between 1880 and 1946
on jewelry and metalsmithing techniques and gathered all the chasing
and repousse in them, published here as pdf extracts, as
well as several entire books just about chasing: over 20 historic
documents in all. Some of these books cost over $250 each as there
are so few still around.

He has included 16 of his technical papers and articles. These
include picture step-by-steps for hardening and tempering, making
chasing tools by grinding, altering existing and forging tools,
making forming tools, stamps and chain tools, finding cheap sources
for chasing tools (with repurposed items like screw driver bits) and
hundreds of images of stamp shapes, chasing and repouss punches.

More details on this publication, including a full table of

Note: anyone who invested in a foldforming CD earlier, contact me
for a recent update (almost done).