Just moved to Los Angeles, seeking contacts


I recently moved from Israel to Los Angeles (to Mar Vista area) and
I’m looking for recommendations for the following providers and
professionals in L.A.:

  • Gold seller (24K, not processed) * Casting place * Diamonds and
    gems seller * Gold supplies (chains, clasps etc.) * Stone setter *
    Gold refiner

Any is appreciated
Thanks a lot

Hey Guy,

I’m not from the L.A. area, actually further south in San Diego.
However, I do have a good contact for you up in L.A. Contact Dan
Ballard at Precious Metals West (800)999-7528. PMW can do your
refining, sell you precious metals, pure or alloyed, color-match
solders, etc. Great products, great service.

Dan can probably turn you on to some contacts he knows for casting,
stone wholesalers, setters, etc, as well.

So where is Mar Vista in L.A., and what kind of business are you

Jay Whaley

Hello Guy, Welcome. For my gold/silver materials and refining I use
David H Fell and Co. They are a family based business, and I’ve had a
very good experience working with them since the 70’s. Good folks and

I’m sure you’ve heard that the jewelry mart in downtown LA is where
most of the wholesalers are located? (Beth, are you reading this? I
know you know this warren of businesses)

I like Herco, based in SF for chain and gold coils. Good catalogue,
excellent service, via ups or fedex.

For findings, I go between Stullers and Rio. Between them I can find
most things, a range of qualities and karats.

I don’t know anything about setters, casting and use mostly recycled

Kind regards, Marianne
Marianne Hunter


I live in Los Angeles and have a very good contact for casting. She
is in my rock club and a personal friend. I highly recommend her, she
has done many of my design. She is a professional caster residing in
Culver City, just a neighbor to Mar Vista. The business address is:

Design Caster
5677 Selmaraine Dr.
Culver City, 90230
Tel. 310-390-8100

Please tell her that I referred you.

Thank you,
Lynne Lukert