Just how hard is it to make a living selling your jewelry?

Students often ask me about going into either the trade or making a
living as a craftsperson. Apparently, I’m coming off as not very
encouraging. That’s because in my own experience, and what I’ve
read here and in Crafts Report, it’s possible to make a living
selling (sole source of support!) your own hand crafted jewelry, but
it’s not so easy as water rolling off a duck’s back.

I give specific examples of people I know – this person supports
her family, and she does it by doing shows every weekend in the
summer, and travels to warm states in the winter to do shows.

So, Orchid community, what are the opinions out there on the proper
level of encouragement and reality to communicate to new students
considering a new career or a career change?

Am I wrong to say that it’s a bit on the difficult side?

Elaine Luther
Chicago area, Illinois, USA
Certified PMC Instructor