Just got a rolling mill

is there a certain height it should be when using
I have a 40 inch file cabinet that is full
thus very heavy it is that to tall

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Wouldn’t worry about it UNLESS it is unstable

Usually rolling mills are set so that the axis of the handle is about the height of one’s hips. This is so that even at the top of the stroke you will be able to apply good pressure to the handle. If it is too high you’ll find yourself pushing the handle with your hand above shoulder height, making turning it awkward.

I had a car accident a few years ago and was made immediately available to all kinds of therapies. I had worked for 30 years with Occupational and Physical (Physio) Therapists. After meeting with an OT it was suggested that the axle of the crank be slightly below the height of my elbow. I have found that to be acceptable.

Don Meixner

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Another point, when setting up your rolling mill - be sure the handle and your knuckles can clear the wall in back of the mill. And that nothing can move when you put pressure on the rollers. Our classroom has one which was obviously set up by someone who never used one, and neither of these things were taken into consideration. We have to pull the whole thing away from the wall, and often get help bracing the whole thing. Also, as already mentioned, you need to be able to push the handle when it is at it’s highest point no matter how short you may be.


A lot of good advice so far. Think about how you will light it so that you can see what you are doing. I have good general shop lighting (LEDs). I also have a small LED on a goose neck that I can point directly at the rollers to make sure that I know what is going where. Enjoy your new mill…Rob

36" is perfect for me.

How do you plan to attach it to the filing cabinet? I wouldn’t expect the sheet metal of a standard steel filing cabinet to be strong enough to retain the screws over time, if you will be using force with the handle.

Why not just use a simple method, bolt it with large thick screws unto a waist-high wooden cabinet or even an unused desk? “KISS” (Keep it so simple)

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Thank you all i screwed it into a small stand I had

Note From Ganoksin Staff:
Looking for a rolling mill tool for your jewelry projects? We recommend: