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Juried art show saga

Hello everyone:

I know I’m very green to this business by asking this question, but
it’s really bothering me. I was put on the waitlist for a large art
show in the Northeast area this year (I was no. 3). i was VERY
excited about this as I had been trying for a couple of years. I
started preparing right away, but time went by and by and the phone
never rang. I bought a new case, I talked to other artists in the
show, I went to the show to research, but the phone never rang. I
wrote to the show every couple months so they would know I was
interested, but they never replied. I couldn’t sideline everything.
opportunities came up for me and, considering it got so late, I took
them. I sold off a whole lot and I started networking around town and
telling everyone I would have a large open house. You’ll never guess
what happened. They called, 6 days before the show. I had to say no.
I told them I had planned other commitments. it wouldn’t be fair to
my customers. What now? Do I have a chance to be in again? Do I have
a black mark in my file now? I know this is long, but, as you can
see, I am a bit disappointed.

Kim Starbard
Cove Beads