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Jump rings - Inside or Out?

Greetings All,

Okay a fellow bench man and I have sparked a debate on the
measurement of jump rings. I was taught the you measure against the
constant which would be the “inside” diameter. My friend learned the
opposite. Break out the good ole’ 3.5mm mandrel and no matter the
gauge the inside remains fairly close consistently.

I will end here because it wouldn’t be fair that he can’t present his

Thanks in advance just a bit o’ fun :smiley:


Guy, My first reaction to your “discussion” yes the inside remains
constant, but the outside does not. That of course depends on the
gauge. The books I have on chain making seem to refer to the outside
dimension which would make the difference in scale. Wire gauge and
dowel size are what makes it look right, that I know from
experimenting and not liking the result.

Then again, to each his own.