Jump Ring winder

I made a jump ring coil winder with a L shape bracket 8" long on
each leg, 3 holes per leg, true value hardware #n113-654. I have a
11"x14" piece of wood that I put my coil winder and coil cutter on
at right angles to each other. First I screwed the “L” shape bracket
to the piece of wood. Once it is screwed down put a 4" long 3/8 inch
threaded rod thru the top hole of the vertical leg. The threaded rod
corresponds to the three jaw chuck I had. Put two nuts on each side
of the bracket, with washers against the bracket, tighten together
so it is just loose enough to move. On the side of the vertical leg
over the horizontal leg, where I screwed it to the wood, I put on
the chuck, on the other side, get a flat piece 5" long with two
hole that they sell also at the hardware store , # 179-077, use two
nuts to hold it on the end of the threaded rod. Other end of the
flat strap, put a bolt facing away from the L shape to use as a
handle. I am assuming this is confusing to follow for some, e-mail
me off line and I will e-mail a picture. Aside from the chuck, it was
about $6 for everything else. I bought my cutter and coil holder from
rio. I would check with Progress tools or A+A tools in L.A. for
better price. Put a mandrel in the chuck, stick the end of the wire
into the space between two of the chuck jaws, bend at a right angle,
start cranking and you are making coils. Richard in Denver