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Lee Einer’s post reminded me of something I did with great
success. I took a piece of kiln lining. I’m not sure what exactly
this material was as it was just scrap I picked up somewhere out of
curiosity. It looked like a rather thin natural fiber quilt
batting but with more body. Maybe someone who works with kiln’s
knows what I am referring to. I cut a hole in it and pulled just
the part that needed to be soldered through the hole. It didn’t
disturb any of the patina on the main part of the piece.

Laura H.

From a peaceful little farm near the Columbia River, with a view
of Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Hood. And, on a clear day, Mt. Adams
and Mt. Rainier.

 I took a piece of kiln lining.  I'm not sure what exactly this
material was

Fiberfrax� is what you’re speaking of I’d guess,(don’t leap all
over me if I’ve spelled it wrong). It is kiln,“lining”. Actually,
it is ceramic fiber insulation, manufactured from alumina-silica
materials. It has very low thermal conductivity, and is heat
resistant to 2600� F. Many uses, great stuff. Available at any
ceramic supply house in any city. Or…from the
manufacturer:Unifrax,2351 Whirlpool St. Niagra Falls, NY USA
14205 Phone: (716) 278-3800 Or E-mail: I was a
ceramist and glass blower in my former lives.

Lisa,(no rain, but my main road is reduced to one alternating lane
for repairs the next three months, and, did you see the hillside
collapse here two days ago? Palm trees akimbo, strewn cattywampus
all over the highway. Where’s my surfboard?) Topanga, CA